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What is this Year asking us to step into and move away from?

What energy to embody more, what to let go of and heal from!

2022 is an emotionally and expressive year.

It is a year where the element water is very dominant for us as in emotions and for the earth as in physical water. It is also the Year of the Water-Tiger. 

We are being asked to become more empathic humans who can hold our hearts open and be helpful to humans, animals, and Mother Earth.


Our values will change, and relationships will be a big focus this year. We are all asked to connect more to our emotions, our intuition, open our hearts, lead from the heart, and show compassion to ourselves and others.


Karmic endings and healing are possible. Focus and choose from the heart and not on the head. Learn to love yourself and others.


Let go of other people’s expectations, be yourself. Trust and keep the hope. Be guided by intuition.

The old world is crumbling down, but we are creating our own New World day by day. 

Rebuild your life that is true to your Soul.

There is a great potential for us to heal old wounds that have been with us for a long time. Seek Healing Therapy this Year.


This 6 Universal Year invites us to bring in harmony, balance, and beauty.

However, we will have more responsibility, especially regarding the home, family, and loved ones.

Therefore it is crucial this year that we find support. This is not a year to work solo.


The need to find a balance between work and play.


Move towards

Love, Harmony, Intuition, Cooperation, Peace, Balance, Diplomacy, Romance, Sensitivity


Move away from

Division, Victimization, Polarization, Moodiness, Jealousy, Extremes, Cruelty


This is a 22 Year, 22 is a Master Builder Number in Numerology.


We are rebuilding our lives globally and personally. This will have intensified challenges but also intensified opportunities.


Invest your time and money wisely, receive support, watch your boundaries.


 We will benefit from Healing Therapy and spiritual connection. 

We need to be flexible, make our well-being a priority, stay true to our heart, feel into all our decisions.

Every planet in our Solar system will be retrograde in 2022. Slow down. You will be reevaluating every area of your life this year!

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