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These Channelings are here to awaken you to a higher frequency.

Even if the words do not make sense to you at first, read the channeling a few times. Contemplate the words and see what wisdom arises from within you.

I will add channelings to this page when I receive new messages for you from Higher Light Beings and the Moon.


Death of the Old (Channeled from Arturians)


There is a time of upheaval and destruction

Follow the path of the unknown

Besides this path you will find a flower

Pick it up and carry it with you

It will protect you from danger

Be the light you are seeking

Humanity needs to shed the old

To love, to hug, and share that light

When the adults do so the children will follow and will become light, they will glow in light.

Humanity will become light

Open your hearts and shed the old skin like a snake, and your true self will appear/emerge

When standing in this light, hold the flower which represents your gifts to the world

Celebrate your gifts and let them touch humanity

Let them shower over people and by doing this you will receive fulfillment, a deep sense of purpose and belonging.

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