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Welcome to your personal transformative

Journey through the Moons of 2024!

Skip the New Year`s Resolution and partner with the Moons of this year to manifest your heart`s desires and let go of  parts of yourself that are outdated.

At the end of this Journey you will have created a personal "Book of my Moons 2024!"

Don`t worry we are not looking ahead to the entire year. I guide you with small steps every month  which come straight to your inbox and you will have a Mighty Network community to chat with other and hold yourself accountable.

Traditional New Years Resolution do not work because we are thinking too big, too long ahead, not considering our WHY and most importantly we are not in sync with the universe, not listening to our intuition and what shows up right in front of us. Going against the flow and trying so hard to push our dreams from our minds.

Manifesting made easy!

So why does working with the monthly New Moon and Full Moon including Eclipses bring you tangible results?

Well, in Astrology we have a saying "As above so below" Meaning what the planets and the Moon activate in your Birtchart is what you need for your personal evolution. Your mind might set different goals but the Moon will show you where you truly find the gifts, abundance and your happiness. 

Life will get easier because you are working on manifesting and letting go with your intuition and not with your logic mind. 

This Journey through the Moons 2024 is for you if you

 - want to live your life with purpose and do not want to get thrown around life without a plan anymore

 - want to start transforming your emotional patterns to be the best version of yourself

- want to take charge of your life to experience the freedom of choice and abundance

- and are ready to become your highest expression by aligning with the New Moon and Full Moon

on top of all of the above, you will learn how to become more intuitive

What you will get and what we will do together

 - Three simple yet powerful actions for every New Moon and Full Moon straight to your inbox.

At the end of the year, you will have created your personal transformative Moon Journal and will be able to look back at your evolution. This is powerful! 

 - To start with you need a Book with blank pages (lined or unlined). This can be a Journal of your choice.

Every New Moon and Full Moon you will receive an email with a short description of the energies of the Moon and how to work with its elements of Fire, Water, Air, or Earth and you will then print this and put it into your Journal. 

Short description because you will glue this into your Journal. For a deeper insight into the 2024 Moons, you can sign up for my Guided by the Moon Letters where I go in more depth about this. 

In the first week of every New Moon is the powerful intention process and you will get 


- Journal prompts and intuitive practices on how to work with the incoming messages of the Moon

- an Oracle Card, Tarot or Rune Reading

- A ritual or spell to send your wishes to the universe or An intuitive or channeled message (depending on what my guides want me to share)

You can then choose which of the above you feel guided to work with and to record in your "Book of your Moons" 

On the Full Moon, you will get 

- Journal prompts 

- an Oracle Card, Tarot or Rune Reading

- A celebration ritual or spell to send your gratitude to the universe or An intuitive or channeled message (depending on what my guides want me to share)

You can then choose which of the above you feel guided to work with and to record in your "Book of your Moons"

You will be working deeply with every New Moon and Full Moon and I teach you intuitive skills to notice the messages of the universe. And the best thing is you only focus on one Moon and activity at the time.

This is a monthly subscription which you will renew 

I am in! I want to transform!

Please fill out the details below and I will contact you for payment and further details. I am excited to work with you!

Thanks for submitting!

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