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For all my Astrology readings, I need the following information from you: Date, Month, and Year of Birth, Birth Country, Birth City, and the exact Birth time with hours and minutes. My Services are on zoom calls EST time zone or in written form. Prices are subject to change without further notice.

Before booking a Reading please read through my Code of Ethics.

You can also combine Readings, and I will create a personal price for you. Email me with questions.

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Birth Chart Reading

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Find your authentic self!​


Your Birth Chart is literally a star map of the sky when you were born, showing the positions of the various planets and the Moon. Your Birth Chart holds your wisdom and what your Soul has come here to grow into (Life Purpose) It will guide you to greater Self-Understanding.​ It reveals your gifts, character traits, challenges, how the Elements of Water, Fire, Air, and Earth influence you, how you can express yourself in your highest Potential, and much more. Understanding this will bring you on a journey within and towards your highest, wisest, and most authentic self.

After you have had your initial Birth Chart Reading, you can book multiple Birth Chart Follow-up Readings (go to Birth Chart Follow-up Reading below for description). Every Reading will bring you one more layer deeper into your authentic self. Your life is in constant movement, you grow and evolve, and so does the information in your Birth Chart.

This is a 1-hour initial Reading. We will talk about your character and how you can express it on the highest level, your elemental distribution of fire, water, air, and earth, how you can find the gift in your challenges, and how to balance your elements.

Initial Birth Chart Reading

CAD 160​

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Birth Chart Plus+ 

 (Add on: Pick and choose in addition to CAD 160 for initial  Birth Chart Reading) You can also buy the Progressed Moon and Life Purpose Reading separately without a Birth Chart Reading. For info on Life Purpose and Progressed Moon Reading, please go to these services here on this page below) These add-ons are a separate session from the initial Birth Chart Reading.

2,5-year Emotional cycle - Progressed Moon

CAD 60

Life Purpose (what you want to grow into this lifetime)

CAD 60

Your major Life transits (the current shifts in your life)

CAD 80

These add-ons are around 30 min. sessions

Solar Return Reading

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Birth Chart Deluxe

(includes all of the above. Initial Birth Chart Reading, Progressed Moon, Life Purpose, major Transits)

This Reading is split into two - three1 hour sessions.


Birth Chart Deluxe

CAD 340

Solar Return Reading

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Happy Birthday! Every Year on your Birthday, the Sun returns to the same position as it was when you were born. You know this as your Birthday. A Solar Return chart shows you your year ahead. It offers your gifts, challenges, purpose, emotional alignment, what you want to focus on, and what you want to rise into this coming year.

Solar Return Chart

(includes the Progressed Moon for the entire year)

CAD 260

Personal Growth Cycle Reading


Every year you have a natural growth cycle. Each of us passes through the same 12 stages of growth every year. This Reading is about what each of these stages is like, and you will get all the dates for the year when each stage begins and ends for you.

This can help you plan for the right timing for all areas of your life vacation, spiritual development, family, self-development, career, relationship, friends, children, home, and much more. It shows you when you set your intentions for the year, when you need more alone time, when it is time to connect to your inner home, when you naturally want to share with the outer world, and when you want to be more visible in the world which is called your Fulfillment Time. 

Personal growth cycle Reading

CAD 111

Business Reading

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Are you an entrepreneur woman? Did you know that your Business has a Birth Chart and it can give you insights into how to grow your roots and flourish with your business? Your Business  Birth Chart shows you what challenges and gifts your business has, its ultimate Purpose and how you can align with it, what daily routines are good, your core values, how to best communicate, where you need to be brave, how you shine, and much more. 

Business Reading

CAD 340

(Add on Personal Growth cycle for your Busines. For more info please see Personal Growth cycle Service on this page.) 

Birth Chart Follow up session

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After you have had your Birth Chart Reading with me, you can always come back and ask more questions and go more in-depth about yourself or your child.

Character, how to overcome specific challenges you and/or your child have right now, or something new showed up where you need guidance.

This is also great to have a deep conversation with me about what is going on in your life and what shifts and transits occur for you right now and how you can prepare for it.

Whatever you want to discuss, we can do this in this session. 

Birth Chart Follow up Session

CAD 100

Life Purpose Reading

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Imagine you would have the key to your Life Purpose, and you could open a magical door to it. Have a conversation with your Soul to find out what past life influence you have from the previous incarnation and what you are meant to step into this lifetime for your Soul's evolution. Yes! You are right; this would change you forever and help you transform. Therefore, in your Birth Chart, the North Node is associated with your Life Purpose and the South Node with your past life experience. Your Life Purpose is not a destination or a job, it is the purest essence of yours, and when you align with it, you will attract all the abundance in your life.

Life Purpose Reading

CAD 80

It can also be booked as an add-on to Fundamentals Birth Chart Reading

Progressed Moon - 2,5 year emotional cycle 

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What area of life should I focus on right now, and what area will be important after that?


Want to know if it is an excellent time to focus on yourself, your relationships, work, friendships, transformation, your family life, etc.? This Reading will give you insights into whether you are in an introverted or extroverted cycle. What your motivation and focus will be about, and what area of life will be most affected. The Progressed Moon will show and highlight what areas of your life are most receptive and open to change and the nature of those changes. You will bring the wisdom of your current Moon cycle into the next one. Enjoy the best and learn from it. Each 2,5 years cycle builds on the next.

Progressed Moon Reading

CAD 80

It can also be booked as an add-on to initial Birth Chart Reading

Full Moon Reading


In what area of my life should I let go to make space for something new?

Energies and emotions are amplified during a Full Moon. Things that have been previously hidden from your view will be brought to light. The Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac, creating the need to balance and integrate your inner self with how you express yourself in the world. You can use this time to let go of everything that no longer serves your higher purpose. 

I will identify which area in your life you need to let go of and give you practical tips. Maybe you even were born on Full Moon. This Reading will be sent to you by email.


Full Moon Reading

CAD 60

New Moon Reading

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In what area of my life should I set new Intentions?


The New Moon invites us to set intentions and plant seeds. At a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in the same Zodiac Sign. So a mindful ritual at the New Moon is to light a candle and declare your intention to the Universe.

I will identify which area in your life you need to set new intentions and give you practical tips. Maybe you even were born on a New Moon like me! This Reading will be sent to you by email.

New Moon Reading

CAD 60

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1 month, personalized to your Birth Chart, transformative guidance with the eight Moon Phases

This powerful one month Guidance with the Moon Phases will bring you closer to yourself and will help you manifest and co-create a life that is aligned with your soul`s path. For 1 month you will get guidance from me for every New Moon and Full Moon, we will look at your Birth Chart and I will identify which area of your life the Moon will activate and I will guide you to become aware of what is showing up in your life for you to see and align or let go of.

I will guide you in how to work with the Moon Phases, you will discover under which Moon Phase you were born, and much more. 

Click here to go to Program page and choose from 3 packages.

Package prices from CAD 80 / CAD 140/ CAD 395

Oracle/Tarot Readings

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Want to have a chat with the Universe?

Do you want to know how Spirit wants to guide you towards your highest expression of yourself?  You can find out with the wisdom of the Universe spoken through the Oracle Cards.

My Oracle Card reading style is to empower you and guide you in the direction of your next step, look at what is hidden and what is current. In my Card readings, you will find action steps you can take to evolve into your highest version of yourself and your Life Purpose. Or get answers to daily life questions. Are you ready to get guidance from the Universe? Reading is in writing and will be sent to you via email.

Card Reading from CAD 40 up to CAD 80

Prices depend on which Card Reading you would like to have.

If it is just a quick question or a more complex question you want to ask the cards. 

You can also book a card reading as an add-on to other services. 

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Treat yourself on your Birthday or gift it to one of your loved ones.

In this Card Reading I will give you guidance and insights for your Year ahead.

- What wisdom you gathered from last year

- What personality theme will be there this year

- What you need to let go off this year

- What does my soul need to experience this year

Birthday Card Reading

CAD 80