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Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

Unleash Your Intuition with your own Oracle Card Deck

What you will learn from this workshop

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Energetic alignment

I will teach you techniques to prepare your energy for the Oracle Card Reading

oracle cards

Prepare the Cards and ask questions

You will learn how to prepare the Cards for the Reading and how to ask open ended questions

Intuitive Card Reading Process

You will learn how to make your cards come alive with their powerful wisdom and to become aware of the story they tell and I will teach you how to reflect on the Reading and how to write your action steps

By the end you will have

gained more confidence in Reading Oracle Cards intuitively

developed a good understanding of how to formulate questions to get insights

an understanding of how to reflect and take action steps on your insights

With these tools you will start to have a lifelong language with your best friend (your intuition) to always consult when you need guidance and this will help you manifest an authentic life.

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