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Super moon. Colorful sky with bright full moon over seascape and silhouette of woman stand

Living in alignment with the New Moon and Full Moon

The New Moon invites us to set intentions and plant seeds.


At a New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in the same Zodiac Sign.


So a lovely ritual at the New Moon is to light a candle and declare your intention to the Universe.

For more insights into the New Moon of each month please sign up for my Guided by the Moon letters.

Energies and emotions are amplified during a Full Moon.


Something will be brought to light that has been previously hidden from your view.


The Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac.


Creating the need to balance and integrate your inner self with how you express yourself in the world.


You can use this time to let go of everything that no longer serves your higher purpose.

For more insights into the Full Moon of each month please sign up for my Guided by the Moon letters.

Moon Dates 2023


New Moon dates 2023

January 21 - Aquarius 

February 20 - Pisces

March 21 - Aries (*1of 2)

April 20 - Aries  (*2 of 2)

(Hybrid Solar Eclipse)

May 19 - Taurus

June 18 - Gemini

July 17 - Moonchild 

August 16 - Leo

September 14 - Virgo

October 14 - Libra

(Solar Eclipse)

November 13 - Scorpio

December 12 - Sagittarius

Image by malith d karunarathne

January 6 - Moonchild (*1 of 2)

February 5 - Leo

March 7 - Virgo

April 6 - Libra

May 5 - Scorpio

(Penumbral Lunar Eclipse)

June 3 - Sagittarius

July 3 - Capricorn

August 1 - Aquarius

August 30 - Pisces

September 29 - Aries

October 28 - Taurus

(Partial Lunar Eclipse)

November 27 - Gemini

December 26 - Moonchild (*2 of 2)

Full Moon dates 2023

Moonchild (a.k.a Cancer Zodiac Sign)

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