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April Forecast

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

March was all about connecting to yourself and emptying out what does not serve you so that you are ready to start fresh and new in April.

What a month this will be!

We begin this month with a New Moon in Aries on April 1 which is all about how to be brave, start new, and be confident in yourself.

This month we will have two New Moons. So plenty of possibilities to set new intentions!

At the end of the month on April 30, we will have a Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Taurus, which is all about your values and self-worth. Solar Eclipses are always significant! So look into your Birth Chart and find out what house Taurus falls in. This is an area of your life you can take chances on yourself.

On April 16 we will have a Full Moon in Libra where something about relationships will be illuminated for all of us, in addition on a more personal level, look into the area of the Libra house in your Birth Chart and see what this area of your life is about.

This is a month to stretch your wings and fly. Start that project, put your voice out there, get out of your comfort zone, it is go time!

April 9 and 10 Jupiter, Neptune and the Nodes are coming together at 23 degrees to send you blessings. Look into your Birth Chart where 23 degrees Pisces falls into. There might be blessings coming to you in that area of your life!

April 12, the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, opportunity, and optimism will be holding hands together with Neptune in Pisces. The last time this happened was in 1856! This day can bring in spiritual insights, insights you might want to act on. Make a wish and make it big! If you can, plan a day that is quieter so that you can be receptive to any messages coming in. Look into the house Pisces falls into in your Birth Chart!

Can you see how significant this month is and we have no planets retrograde. Meaning we do not need to go over things again from the past. If you have done your work the last couple of months then you are ready to step into this month`s amazing energy.

It is also a 1 Universal Month. March was a 9 Universal Month which was all about endings and completion and the 1 Universal Month of April is all about new beginnings, change, rebirth, initiation and putting yourself first. Step into your biggest and brightest version of yourself. Share your voice and your gifts with the world.

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