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Battery Low!

When we see the sign Battery low on our electronic devices it instantly gets our attention. We are only focused on finding our charger to avoid this “fatal” power out.

Why don`t we give the same instant attention to our body, when we see and feel the signs of “low battery”

We are tired, in pain, tense or simply grumpy. But we do not recharge, we simply let our battery run out.

The warning message says “Your body is running low and needs to recharge, it is already in battery safe mode, please rest and recharge”

What do we do? We avoid the warning and get going as nothing happened. We hear the message in our head, but we do not listen. We do one more thing, we walk one more step in pain, we shout at people because we are exhausted, we drink one more coffee, we push through and then we hit the Battery died level.

Now what? Our bodies force us to rest, but still, laying in bed and resting our mind goes “I can`t rest now, I have so much to do, everything will collapse if I rest now”

And then we try to get up, try to do, try to organize and then comes the real hit on the body and we are forced to rest not for one single day, no we have to stay in bed for weeks. Burnout.

We do not do that with our precious devices. Right? We simply put them on the charger station and let them recharge (aka rest) as long as they are fully loaded. We even tell other people to let the phone be because it needs charging. And we even say that we cannot get out of the house now because we have to wait until our phone battery is up and running again.

So why do we do that with our bodies? What if we start to treat our body the same way as our phone Battery?

We take the rest we need before our battery dies and tell other people to let us be so that we can recharge. It could be so simple right?

Next time your body sends you a signal “your battery is about to run out” listen and ask yourself what haven`t I done in a long time that I know recharges me? And then make it a priority.

Do not take one more step in pain, drink one more coffee, push through a project one more time.

Just recharge.

Or even better would be, to always check in with your body and see if your batteries are happy and well charged!

Make it a habit to regularly check in with your body and see at what "battery level" it is. You will be surprised how often you realize that you already need to recharge. But not in a big way. You might only need five minutes quiet time, sitting down, breathing slow, drinking water, going outside or a moment of compassion for yourself.

Go on and recharge!

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