Break the chain, it is time to heal our wounds and traumas!

Updated: Feb 2

Use these next 1,5 years to truthfully look at your wounds and trauma so that you can find acceptance and love in yourself. Start by acknowledging that there is a wound, a dark space, a shadow side. We all have it. It is the place we tend to keep hidden from ourselves and others because it is too painful or too shameful to look at it.

But these next years, we are invited to look at it deeply because there is an amazing possibility to heal karmic wounds we may even have for lifetimes!

When you have accepted that there is a shadow side to you, sit with it a while and tell it, " I accept you being here, and it is ok for me to look at you" " I am safe looking at you."

Identify your wounds and traumas and, if necessary, get professional help. As mentioned in my 2022 year forecast, this is a year where we need to get support; it is not a year to do things alone, especially when healing old wounds. Find like-minded people, find a trusted healer and get to the roots of your trauma.

My go-to healing sessions I practice on myself or with a professional healer are, Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Emotion Code, Chakra Work, Sound Healing, Meditation, Card Readings, and lots of time alone to reflect. I have done a ton of shadow work in my life, yes I have looked deep into my wounds, and it brought me to this point now where I am able to share, empower others and be my authentic self. It needs courage to look and transform our wounds, but they also hold the potential to be our greatest teacher and our greatest healer.

When we change ourselves, love ourselves deeply, and feel gratitude for ourselves, we then and only then can unconditionally give the same to others. I encourage you to take the time these 1,5 years to heal and then spread the compassion, love, and kindness so that others get inspired to heal as well. We need to move towards love, unity, and peace. This can only happen when we start with ourselves and our own tiny world.

If you know your Birth Chart, look at the house placement of your Scorpio sign for healing and for the Taurus house placement for moving into love.

With the change of the Lunar Nodes on January 18th into South Node Scorpio and North Node Taurus, we are asked as collective humanity as well as in our personal life to evolve from our trauma and live a life guided by our hearts and love. It all starts with loving ourselves first!

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