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Emotions - Energies in Motion

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

At this time in our human evolution, we simply can no longer hide and numb our emotions. We need to be brave to feel them and welcome them into our being.

Do you hide your painful emotions? Do you numb them with too much tv, alcohol, shopping, social media or food? Do you build a wall around your heart simply because all the hurt from the past is too painful to feel again and to look at?

If this is the case I encourage you to be courageous and step into your own healing now. Ask yourself why you numb your emotions. Is it for a quick simple pleasure? To feel good again?

Imagine you would never look at the mess in your house. The dishes would pile up, there would be no more clothes to wear, the floor would get filthy, the garbage would start to get moldy. Same as with our physical hygiene, imagine we would never brush our teeth or shower?

Basically everything would get overwhelming and a risk to our health and well-being.

So why do we not look at our emotions to avoid the mess in our human being self? Can you see the similarities? Not looking at our external messes gets things out of control and so does not looking at our emotions.

We can only shove them away for a short amount of time until everything gets a risk to our


Emotions are Energies in Motion. They need to be felt, seen and have to move through our body, otherwise they get stuck and create all kinds of troubles.

So next time you have a painful emotion coming up, do not only think about it! Acknowledge it, breath through it, see it, feel it, honor it and then express it by talking about it and let it move through your body with movement. Dancing, jumping, energy movement, screaming into a pillow, stomping your feet, making sounds, walking, and much more. Our children do this intuitively. An example is that when your children stomp their feet while having an emotional overwhelm the stomping grounds them on an energetic level!

We as adults usually only express our happy emotions freely. In our society it is taboo to express deeply painful emotions in front of others, so we get told to hold it in or not behave like that. Let`s look at anger. When expressed in a safe way, like screaming in a pillow and not getting judged for it, the anger will very quickly dissolve. If not expressed, it gets stuck and will come out like a hurricane next time when we get triggered and then we completely overreact.

When we stop numbing and hiding our emotions, our senses will become more clear and our pain and traumas will come forward.

Let them, see them, feel them to heal them! Be the one who creates your own story! Every minute of your day you can make a conscious choice to create a better life for yourself. Do not let yourself get held back by never looking at your wounds.

It needs courage and also honesty with ourselves! When the pain and trauma is too heavy we need to find and work with a healer of our choice. We need to heal on all dimensions. Physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual and we do not need to do this alone.

An excellent quote from Joseph Campell is " The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

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