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February Forecast 2022

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

You have done the soul searching in January, you now know where your heart is and you have looked into the dynamics of your relationships with Venus retrograde. Could you feel how your relationships shifted in the last 6 weeks?

With the planet Venus being finished with going over your relationships to others and yourself again and showing you everything that does not work, now is the time to slowly go forward and integrate all that you have learned about the dynamics of your relationships and create a more loving and authentic one. Pay particular attention to the Capricorn area of your Birth Chart. You may be ready to reconnect with someone in regards to this area of your life!

February is an 8 Numerology Month. The 8 is the number of passion, abundance, and prosperity. The 8 teaches you to live by your passions and to step up in your status, money, and power.

It is about how you empower yourself this month and then the money will follow.

The 8 in the Tarot is the strength card. The lion on the card is all about courage and the angel is about grace. Channel your passions with grace this month.

This is also a month where we are asked to look at how we handle stress and pressure and to transform it instantly! As Prune Harris describes it in her Energy Forecast: This month we might feel like we are getting squeezed physically and on and energetic level. The way to respond to stress is awareness and attention which gets us out of the survival mode into creation energy. Next time you feel the pressure this month, instantly drop into gratitude! Hold your hands over your heart, take three deep breaths and be grateful for what you have in your life. This can be as tiny as being thankful for a quiet moment or as big as you want.

The 2 Moons this month are inviting us to step into our unique talents and shine our light for the greater good in this world!

February 1, we have a New Moon Aquarius and it is about how you are unique, different and how your individuality benefits the greater good. Stepping away from the group expectations!

Also on February 1, we are shifting into the Water Tiger Year for the next 2 years. Happy Chinese New Year! We are shifting from the energy of the Metal Ox into the energy of the Water Tiger, from rigid to fluid and intuitive. Qualities we are invited to develop in a Water Tiger Year are to be fluid and in flow with boldness, courage and strength. Being both resilient and flexible. These qualities will be key for us in order to thrive this year. What Chinese zodiac sign are you? I am a Wood-Tiger.

February 16, we have a Full Moon in Leo and this is all about shining your light in the world. Release anything during this Full Moon that is keeping you from stepping into your fullness.

February 20, the United States of America has its Pluto Return. This is when the planet Pluto comes back to the same placement as it was in the USA Natal chart from the year 1776 about 246 years ago! This means we will see a big transformational time in the USA this year which will have an effect on the entire world.

Venus and Mars traveling closely in Capricorn: your heart and your passion are traveling very close together this month. Listen to your intuition and work together with other people. Despite all the division in the world, listen to your heart and your passions and let this be your motivation forward.

This month is for you to take charge and rebuild your life and the world. Step into being seen and stop worrying about what other people say or think about you and your uniqueness. Live your soul's purpose!

No planets are retrograde this month, this means we are not going over things again, we are free to go forward. So if you have a passion or project you want to bring into the world, if you want to put yourself out there into the world, this is the month to start!

March is an emotional Numerology 9 month of letting go, and completion. Stay tuned for the March forecast!

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