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Identify your emotions with the emotion Wheel

Have you heard about the Emotion Wheel or Feel Wheel?

I use this wheel in my Astrology Readings for people who have a hard time accessing their emotions because they mainly live in their heads. These are primarily people who have no water element in their Birth Chart or experienced trauma, so they had to shut down their emotions to protect themselves.

How to use the Wheel:

1. Look at the first inner circle and identify your current emotion from the options.

2. then go to the second circle further out from the first emotion you identified and choose from the options again.

3. Go to the outer circle and identify your emotions again on a much deeper level.

After you have identified the one core emotion, close your eyes, hold your hands over your heart and ask your self "why am I feeling ______ (fill in the blank)

Wait until your heart tells you the why. Do not force the why mentally. Drop into your heart and soul to find the answer.

When you have identified your WHY ask your heart, "what does this emotion NEED right now?"

Write that down and see how you can take action around this need.💜

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