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Time to rethink! January 2022 Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius January 14th - February 4th

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Mercury is the planet of our minds. When a planet goes retrograde it appears to go backward. That is the same as what we will experience with our minds. Our minds will not be that clear.

This is a time where you are asked to rethink and go over things again. It is not a good time to do things that are permanent as a tattoo, or buy a house because when Mercury will go direct again on February 4th you might change your mind and say to yourself "what was I thinking doing that?"

If you have to do something permanent, make sure that you double-check details and contracts.

During a Mercury Retrograde, there can be delays, things can get lost, we can experience communication issues where we are not on the same wavelength as the other. So make sure during this time that you clarify things when communicating with others and double-check that you genuinely understand what they are trying to say.

Use these three weeks to close any loose ends, review existing things and situations, double-check every document, email, file, cross your t`s, and dot your i`s. Reassess, go over your options, double-check dates and deadlines.

Pause and go within during 13th-14th and 15th of January.

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