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March Forecast

Wow, what a year it has been so far!

February has been all about stepping into your power and feeling safer with being seen.

March is all about ending a cycle with being a 9 Numerology month. This is an inward-focused month.

It is a month to let go and release what no longer serves you. I know it feels like we were doing this since January with all the letting go we previously had to do with our relationships!

This month really make an effort to let go so that it does not come into your life as a force, where you do not have a choice anymore. Let go and heal the past. Tuning into your truth and looking within.

When you look within and look into your truth you can be the guiding light for others.

Amp up your Spiritual practices and do them more regularly. Get creative, listen to music more often, let yourself dream, and make more time to just be.

It is emotional energy this month and we are also in a 6 Universal Year which is all about water and feelings. Make sure you ground yourself.

On March 2nd we will have a New Moon in Pisces. which is dreamy, emotional, creative, soulful, and sensitive energy.

March 3rd we will have a 3-3 day and Venus, Mars and Pluto are hanging out together in Capricorn. 3 is the number of creative expressions, joy, and how you express and speak your truth. Be true to your heart.

And Mars, Venus, and Pluto together is asking us to transform our passions as well as to transform our feminine and masculine parts in ourselves.

Venus and Mars travel closely in Aquarius from March 7 onwards. Therefore this is a great month for love and romance and also how you share your unique gifts with the world in a non-pushy way.

On March 5, Jupiter will be conjunct Pisces. Jupiter expands all that it touches and it will expand our connection to each other, and spirituality.

Do you see the theme here? There is a lot of water, emotional and creative energy this month. In order to tap into this energy, it is crucial that we work on letting go of old wounds, trauma, and things/people that do not serve our highest good!

On March 20 we will have the Equinox, the birth of the New Zodiac Year with Aries being the first sign in the Zodiac and Spring energy. Aries will be at 0 degrees, meaning there is pure potential for New Beginnings.

At the beginning of the month focus on dreaming and tuning into your inner self, who you are, and what your passions are. From the 20th on, it is go time to set your passions into motion.

April will be all about New Beginnings, fresh energy, and putting yourself first. Use this month of March for turning inwards and really feeling into your heart's desires and passions, so that you can go forward in April and act by putting it out there.

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