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May Forecast

May is an intense month with lots of energy changes and it is an 11 Master number in Numerology which is connected to higher source energy and wisdom. So, this will be a transformative month.

If that would not be enough to keep us on our feet it is also Eclipse season, and Eclipse season shakes our life up in order to put us back on our soul`s path.

We have the New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 30th in Taurus, which shows you how you self-love, your self-worth and your relationship to your own money.

Then on May 16th we have the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, which shows you what old trauma you need to heal and transform. This will be a Full Moon where you could experience big karmic pattern endings. There could be sudden closures.

If you did put yourself first in April, as the month of April wanted you to do because it was a 1 month in Numerology then now you can let go of anything that does not serve you on your soul`s journey.

This month dig deep and let the Eclipses guide you. Take your hands off the wheel and have faith in the direction that you are pulled, do not resist, and do not force your will on how your dream should unfold in your life.

On May 10th the Planet Jupiter goes into Aries. It moves out of Pisces the dreamy sign with no boundaries and into the direct, passionate, independent, forward pushing Aries.

Have the courage and the passion to be yourself, be the pioneer and walk the path that was not walked before. Find the confidence to do and be yourself.

Jupiter will be in Aries from May 10th to October 28th. So, you have 5 months to embody this passionate, empowered you. Look into your chart where Aries is and what house it will activate.

And on the same day, on May 10th Mercury the planet of our minds will go retrograde in the sign of Gemini. It is a great time for introspection, reflection, and doing deep inner work. Anything coming back from the past where you thought you already had dealt with this, might come back and it is coming back for a reason, look at what you have missed and pay close attention to it! You will start seeing things differently during this time.

Remember this year is a 6 Numerology year. It is all about creating and finding balance and beauty.

Step away from victimization, and division and step into cooperation and peace. Work on yourself, let anything go that held you back for years or maybe a lifetime. You are processing and healing karmic wounds. Be gentle and brave.

If you need help with this, I am here to help with my Astrology Readings and Guidance.

Much Love



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