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Self-love - You matter!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Valentine's day is approaching, and we see a lot of roses, teddy bears, and chocolate. Many people are already thinking about making this day memorable for their loved ones, yet we tend to forget ourselves in that process.

Most of us have not to been taught how to love ourselves. It is often labeled as selfish to love ourselves and take care of ourselves. Especially women have a hard time loving themselves and their bodies. Because women get constantly told by the media how to look and how to behave to be loveable. Only usually later in life, when we as humans have gained some wisdom, it is easier to love ourselves for who we truly are and not need validation outside of us.

We can change that and start today!

Let's look at the word love-able. It means being able to love. How can we love someone else if we do not know how to love and accept ourselves completely with all our flaws?

So on this New Moon in Aquarius, I invite you to think about and feel into how you can show yourself some daily love starting today.

Here are some action steps if you need any ideas.

- Write down three things that you love about yourself and stick them on a mirror, next to your bed, on your morning mug, on your phone, or anywhere where you will see it instantly and often during the day.

- Make time every day for five minutes to appreciate yourself just as you are. Enjoy being with yourself without distractions.

- Look into the mirror and tell yourself daily out loud, "I see you, I love you, and I appreciate you" This might feel silly when you do it for the first time, but trust me, it will give you a self-confidence boost!

- Take time every day to hug yourself. That's right! Give yourself a big hug and thank your body for all it does for you.

- Write down three affirmations like "I am worthy of love."

"I do enough and I am enough just as I am"

"I am brave," "I am doing my best"

"I am creating the life I want"

- Take time to get to know yourself daily in a 5-minute break or maybe during lunch- reflect on what makes you feel really good. Not for a short time. I mean what really fills you up and rejuvenates you? Write these things down and do them often and make them a priority.

Self-care is not a luxury; it is a necessity! We need to give ourselves daily self-love and self-care so that we can be, create and live our best lives!

I invite you to make this month a memorable month where you started to show yourself more love and appreciation!

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