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Parent/Child Relationship Reading

CAD 189

1.5 hours


In this Reading, we will look at the relationship between you and your child.

The child is not present at the Reading. This is a Reading for you to gain more clarity about your child.

Your Relationship has its own Birth chart.

This Reading is for any age group. It can also help immensely, especially when your child is becoming or already is a teenager.  

You will get insights into the relationship dynamics between you and your child. As your child develops, your relationship with each other is also ever-changing.

In this Reading, we will talk about what is challenging and what is easy right now in your relationship together and how you can work with it, your life lesson together, your developing journey together, how you can grow together, and your purpose together. 

In this Reading, I look at the Relationship chart and not at yours or your child`s chart. If you would like to get more insights into your individual charts then please book the Parent/Child Reading or email me so that we can find the right Reading for your needs.

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