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Hello there!

I am Patricia, 

I am here to help you align with your highest Self, evolve, transform, change habits, and step into your current highest version.

I do this with the ancient language of Astrology, The Moon, and Divination Tools.

Are you ready to discover yourself ?

My Story

When Astrology found me, I already studied Reiki and Energy Work on my quest to find myself.


I was at a very low point in my life. Confused and lost. I was yearning for guidance. I had questions no one could answer. Questions like "whom am I?", "where am I going?", "Why am I here on this earth?", "What is my purpose?", and "how can I be the best support to my son?" so that he can live a happy fulfilled life as his authentic self.


When I had my first Birth Chart Reading done at the beginning of my Astrology studies I was in tears. I was in awe and wonder how this person could know so much about me and my life purpose without ever talking to me before. I never felt so seen and accepted and I finally got my answers!


I got validated in my character. 


Also, I was always conflicted because I never really did fit in, I was different, because I always had deep questions about life, and I had so many different sides to my character.


 I am outgoing, yet shy, I am spontaneous, yet deep, I am practical, yet intuitive, I am independent, and yet I need relationships. I thought I had to choose between these personality traits. Wow, was I wrong?


I learned that I am all sides of my character for a reason, and I need all of them to be part of me. During my Birth Chart Reading, I learned how I can combine and healthily live my character traits. This was life-changing because I finally understood who I was and I could start living my authentic self with no excuses.

Knowing my deepest needs in my Relationships, Career and Family felt so good. I could stop second-guessing and finally, I had directions, that felt true to my core! I discovered my Life Purpose which is to live an Intuitive life, and I was able to finally start working on all areas of my life with clarity and purpose.

I started my Astrology journey in 2018, studied with and graduated from Debra Silverman - Applied Astrology School (See Certificate below) Since graduating I am always deepening my Astrology understanding and I have been studying with many more teachers.


Now I am helping women to discover themselves so that they can start living an authentic, happy aligned life for themselves, their career, relationships, and their families.


And I help women to better understand and have better relationships with their children. So many children get misunderstood in their needs and character, and I am here to change that! 


During my Astrology studies, I also applied my knowledge to my son`s Birth Chart, talked to my son about his chart and he was so grateful because he got permission to be who and how he is. He is a sensitive, artistic who needs to learn to step into his fire energy this lifetime. It permitted him to not be so hard on himself, to accept that he is here to do life differently and to know what sides of character he can balance if he is too much in one energy. When he grows older knowing his chart, I can support him with his career choices, relationships, and life path. For me as a mom knowing his Birth Chart is like a map and a manual. I know where to guide him towards and hold him when he experiences challenges. 

 You can discover yourself too and be the best mom to your children.

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 I would love to guide you! Contact me


Certificate of Graduation
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