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The greatest gift you can give your child is parenting your child as its Soul wants to express itself naturally.

Have you ever asked yourself why your children might be so different from yourself or from other children, and they seem to have many personality traits? Maybe you asked yourself why your children always seem to trigger you. Do you wish you had a manual to understand them better and support them best in growing up so that family life is easier?

You do have a manual! It is your child`s Birth Chart!


It is so important that we become sensitive to our children and nurture a deep connection with them.

By reading your children`s chart, I can help you see who they really are and guide you to support your children and yourself as a mom so that family life is easier and more fulfilling.

Together we will explore your children`s chart and discuss how uniquely they express their energies in life. In this interactive session, you will discover how your children naturally want to express themselves, what they love, their motivation, and how they think and learn best. You will also get insights into your children`s current challenges and gifts and how to support them in this lifetime.

Children are still growing into their Life Purpose and, therefore into their Birth Chart by getting activated by people, circumstances, and environment. ​​

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