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The girl holds the moon in her hands. Beautiful sunset on the sea. Dreams come true. Every

Guided by the Moon Letters

The Moon gives us the high and low tides here on earth, and when we think that we as humans are mostly water, the Moon truly affects us on an emotional level. 

When I started to work and apply the Moons Wisdom to my life, my life changed. I suddenly

had a guiding light, and I found a mentor in the Moon that whispered

"go this way, this will help you evolve"


Guiding me towards new opportunities and directing me away from what does not serve me.

You can have this too!


Working with the Moon is a flowing cycle. The Moon moves from New Moon to the Full Moon

in two weeks and in 2,5 days it moves into a new zodiac sign and flavor.


Every New and Full Moon falls into a different zodiac sign throughout the year. Depending

on the Moon Phase and its sign it will show you opportunities to evolve, learn lessons, let go, illuminations, new beginnings, or an intention setting.


Knowing about the flavor of the Moon will help you and your kids emotional health

and well-being.


It helps you keep flowing with the rhythm of life and will guide you in your family life, personal development, and work.

What you will receive from me in my "Guided by the Moon" Letters

The Moon changes zodiac signs every 2,5 days.

- Weekly Moon Planner. Once a week you will get the moon energies for the entire week

to plan your week ahead


- Moon Book to download and print out for all 12 Moon Sign flavors

- New Moon and Full Moon Guidance

- Practical Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration

This way it is easy to align yourself with the Moon to live a better life.

You can apply these Moon energies to all areas of your life for example

career, business, family, kids, self-development, and other people.

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