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Guided by the Moon Letters

The Moon gives us the high and low tides here on earth, and when we think that we as humans are mostly water, the Moon truly affects us on an emotional level and drives our actions and therefore has a big influence on our lives.

When I started to apply the Moons Energies to myself, my work, and my family life, I suddenly

had a guiding light. Like a mother guiding you toward your highest good. Saying, "Today is a good day to...."

We, humans, live such a busy life, completely disconnected from our intuition and the natural cycles of the Moon. There are times when we need to go inwards and times when we are naturally more outgoing. And yet we push against these energies and swim against the river and make life hard for ourselves. 

You can change that, and I will get you there by sending you all you need to align with the Moon`s energies!

Once a week, I send you your Easy Week Planner with three easy actions you can take per day to align yourself, your work, and your family with these energies so that life gets easier and more fulfilling.

Applying the Moon`s energies will help you to become more intuitive, have a better work and family life, give you foresight of what energies are coming (like the weather report) and help you guide your loved ones. 

You will be able to know when to organize, rest, plan fun, go inwards, push forward, connect with others, or spend time alone. And these are just some of the benefits of aligning your life with the Moon's energies. 

  • You will be able to avoid family drama by knowing the weekend energies in advance. 

  • You will be able to feel more in flow and connected to the cosmos and its natural shifts.

  • Guiding you towards new opportunities and directing you away from what does not serve you.

And you will get even MORE when signing up for my Guided by the Moon Letters!


Working with the Moon is a flowing cycle. The Moon moves from New Moon to the Full Moon

in two weeks and in 2,5 days, it moves into a new zodiac sign and energies.


Every New and Full Moon is inviting you to set New Intentions and Release what does not serve you anymore.


And I will guide you through these cycles in my Guided by the Moon Letters!


Sign up below

What you will receive from me when you sign up today below:

  • Weekly Moon Planner. Once a week, you will get the Moon energies with a printable one-sheet planner with three action steps you can easily apply to your days, to plan your entire week ahead.​

  • New Moon and Full Moon Guidance. Every two weeks, you will get insights into the current New or Full Moon, a written Oracle Card Reading from me, and action steps so that you can apply these energies to yourself and your personal and spiritual development.

  • Cosmic energy shift updates 

All this will help you to align yourself with the Moon to live a better life.​ You can apply these Moon energies to all areas of your life, career, business, family, kids, self-development, and your loved ones.​

Sign up below. I'll see you in the Guided by the Moon Letters.

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