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Wisdom Circle

An affordable monthly group program and community for

Self-Transformation & Self-Reflection through the monthly Moon Cycle

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Hi! My name is Patricia.

Spiritual Applied Astrologer, Intuitive Mentor, Moon Woman and Oracle Card Reader

I created this transformational monthly program and community for women like you to come together, grow your intuitive abilities, and evolve.


Growing in alignment with the monthly Cycles of the New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and Last Quarter Moon.





Moon Group Gatherings twice a month online

First Quarter Moon to set intentions what you intuitively feel guided to step into since the New Moon

Last Quarter Moon to help you release what you intuitively feel you need to let go in this Moon cycle 

Every New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and Last Quarter Moon (weekly) you will get written and printable insights into the specific Moon Energies for your personal development and how to apply these to your life. A written Intuitive Practice, and a written Oracle Card Reading (specific for everyone in the Wisdom Circle) from me so that you can intuitively feel into this energy and gain insights into your next step on your Soul Path. 

Oracle Gatherings once a month online

You will work with prepared questions that reflect the current cosmic energies to gain clarity and guidance on your next steps towards your best version of yourself. And you have access to printable ​Oracle Spreads to get guidance from the Moon, the Universe and your Divine Team. In the near future, I will also incorporate a time for you to practice Reading Cards for others!

When women gather, magick happens!

Member Bonus


2.5 day Emotional Moon Weather Report to enhance your emotional vitality by working with the current Moon energy.​

Community Forum to ask questions and to get ongoing support from me with Love, Empowerment & Encouragement. I am personally here for you to help you on your transformational journey. Everyone is special in my community!

15% discount on my Astrology and Oracle Card Readings

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Monthly Membership includes 

Full Moon

Awaken and transform with the energies of the Moon Cycles!

I really enjoy being a part of the Wisdom Circle Sisterhood. It allows me to be with like minded women who support each other and share their experiences. Patricia is a great intuitive leader who supports and encourages everyone. I learn oracle card spreads that are also given in a pdf format so it can easily be downloaded and printed. 

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The Wisdom Circle is for you if you are ready to

grow your intuitive skills by listening to the Moon`s energies

awaken your ability to actively create your life with the Cycles of the Moon and to transform and transmute limiting beliefs, patterns and habits.


find direction in life with Oracle Cards and work with your Cards intuitively


embrace Self-Reflection, Self-Discovery, Journaling, Self-Change and Contemplation

deepen your Divine Feminine, which is the receptive part of yourself

Full Moon

A door has opened in my life with the Wisdom Circle and I am glad Patricia that I took your offer to join.

My life has changed greatly with learning to be intuitive which I hadn't used in sometime now.  

~Wisdom Circle Member

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Joining will help you to


feel more confident in your decisions when using the tools provided

learn to trust your intuition by putting it into practice

start to experience that you are never alone and that Spirit and the Moon are always guiding you

have practical tools and techniques that are easy to use every day in your daily life. 

gain more confidence in yourself and have life directions when putting in the time to work with the provided Practices, Oracle Spreads and the Moon Cycles

create self-change and the ability to take charge of your life

Pricing Plan

Self-Transform and Self-Reflect with the feminine Moon Cycle

  • Wisdom Circle Sisterhood

    Every month
    Cancel any time

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