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The Wisdom Circle is for you if you are ready to 

 grow and deepen your intuitive skills

awaken your ability to co-create with the universe and to step into your life with a deeper purpose guided by the Moon's energies and your Intuition

connect with yourself and the unseen world with Intuitive Practices, Rituals, and Ceremonies


divinely connect with Oracle Cards and deepen your skills


embrace Self-Reflection, Journaling, and Contemplation

deepen your Divine Feminine, which is the receptive part of yourself

As women, we are so busy and our culture pushes us to live a more Yang (doing, achieving, and rushing) life which keeps us in our logic, but that is not where our feminine power is. Our power is in the Yin, in the becoming still and bringing forth wisdom from that stillness. Listening to our hearts, feelings, intuitive nudges, and taking action from that place.

This is what the Wisdom Circle is about. It is a safe haven, where you can embrace and re-connect to your feminine, receptive side.

Cultivating going inwards and in flow with the Mooncycles. A place where you can find calmness, stillness, and a deep connection with yourself. Connecting with like-minded women and myself. It is a sacred space where I guide you towards your own inner wisdom and your own inner voice. Maybe you are just discovering this voice or maybe you know it and want to deepen it.

I am honored to welcome you to your Wisdom Circle Sisterhood!

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Wisdom Circle


Welcome to the soulful Wisdom Circle Sisterhood!

This community is a vibrant and supportive space for women like you to come together and share your intuitive experiences, dive deep into working with Oracle Cards, grow your intuitive abilities, and evolve with the deeper cycles of the Moon.

As a member, you will have access to exclusive gatherings and resources designed to help you tap into your Intuition and Higher Self. Come with me on a deep journey of self-discovery in a loving community!

What`s included?

"Book of Moons"

A special Journal in which you will record your intuitive insights, self-reflect, and journal. You will receive Moon Journaling prompts and Oracle Card guidance for every New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and Last Quarter Moon, its flavor, and elements to record and journal your intuitive experiences in your "Book of Moons."​ At the end of 2024, you will be able to look back at your wonderful evolution. How you have grown, overcome, and flourished!

Intuitive Rituals, Practices, and Ceremonies

Once you sign up you will already have multiple Practices available that connect you to your intuition, the unseen world, and to deepen your inner knowing, so that you can live a more conscious life and deeply connect with your inner wise woman. New ones will be added!

Oracle Card Spreads

Once you sign up for the free trial you will already have Daily, New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, Spirit Spread, Messages, and Signs Spreads available for you to access and download. New ones will be added! 


Channeled Messages

These are channeled messages I receive for the highest good of all

(depending on when and what my guides, higher beings, or the Moon want me to share) New ones will be added!

Spending Sacred Time with other Women - Zoom Gatherings

Once a month we gather on Zoom with different topics. I will let myself be intuitively guided on what is important on that day to share and experience. This could be rituals, intuitive practices, sharing experiences, randomly picked Member Birth Chart insights, working with your deeper cycles, time for questions, Oracle Cards, and much more!

Zoom Gatherings will be recorded and will be put up on the Wisdom Circle Sisterhood Platform (my website) This way I can ensure your privacy and you can view the recording at any time. So if you are not able to make it to the Gatherings you can still benefit from the wisdom at a later time.

Having me right by your side - Community Forum

to engage with me and other members, ask questions, and share your experiences.


Ocassionally randomly picked Member's Birth Chart insights and more to come. These will be only at our Zoom Gatherings. 

Access to past and current New Moon, Full Moon, and Eclipse dates, zodiac signs and degrees Archive 

Check when there is a New Moon or Full Moon in your zodiac sign!

​Access to all past and current written New Moon and Full Moon Insights

Insights to write into your Book of Moons and to go back in case you need more info on any Moon for your "Book of Moons" These insights are similar to the ones I send out in my Guided by the Moon Letters.

You already have lots of wisdom to explore in the Sisterhood and I will be adding new content to the existing Wisdom Circle Member Pages, which will build a vast library for you to choose from.

Invite your friends to join! Just send them this link.


 ***This is a free trial because I am launching the Wisdom Circle as a beta version to see what you like and need and I am always open to suggestions. After the trial, your exclusive exchange rate is CAD 19 which can be canceled at any time. This Price is exclusive for all trial subscribers! 

Ready to live more intuitively and be in a loving, encouraging community with me right on your side?

Still have questions? No worries, just email me!

Step into your Divine Inner Wisdom and Manifest with the universe!

  • Wisdom Circle Sisterhood

    Every month
    Exclusive Price for trial subscribers! Cancel any time.
     30 day free trial
    • Book of Moons
    • Rituals, Practices and Ceremonies to enhance your intuition
    • Oracle Card Spreads
    • Exclusive Zoom Gatherings
    • Community Forum
    • Channeled Messages
    • Astrology
    • Access to New/Full Moon, Eclipse dates, degrees and zodiac
    • ​Access to written New/Full Moon Insights
Pricing Plan
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