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Child Reading age 5 to age 18

CAD 161

1.5 hours


You can book this Reading as a standalone Child Reading or in addition to your own Birth Chart Reading as a Mom.


This is a Reading for any age group to get more insights and gain a better understanding of your child/teenager so that your parenting becomes easier. 



A Reading for parents who already had a Birth Chart Reading for themselves with me and want to add a child Reading.

As your children are developing naturally they are also growing into their Birth Chart and into their character.

Your children`s Birth Chart shows their Life`s Potential. How it will play out will depend on the environment, people, and circumstances it will experience in its life.

You will get insights on how you can deeply nurture your children, help them with challenges like friendships, learning, interests, relationships, and communication, and I will help you bring clarity to anything that is currently challenging for your child.

You will have a better understanding of their character, emotional needs, and gifts and talents.

You will get action steps on how to work with all of the above.

Knowing all this will give you as a parent Superpowers, and it will change your family dynamics! You will know how to connect better, understand, and nourish your child, and your child will feel seen and supported, which leads to a child who can live an authentic life. Amazing! Right?

The child is not present at the Reading. This is a Reading for you to gain more clarity about your child.


**Except if your child is a Teenager, then I might invite them to the conversation, or they can ask me a question.  I will contact you by email after you have booked the Reading.

if you want a Mini Reading for a young child then please contact me by email.

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