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Birth Day Reading

CAD 111

1 hour


Happy Birth Day!

Every Year on your Birthday, the Sun returns to the same position as it was when you were born. You know this as your Birthday. 

Your Solar Return chart shows you your year ahead. It gives you insights into your gifts, challenges, purpose, emotional alignment, what you want to focus on, and what you want to rise into this coming year. This will give you a road map to make it your most authentic year ever, and I will give you all the practical tips and action steps to start to make it happen.


I gifted myself this year with a Birthday Reading. The reading gave me a perspective on what my theme was for this upcoming year. It also gave me that extra push to recognize all the signs I was being sent in my life. It`s amazing to see my theme, synchronicities and intuitive nudges appearing around me everywhere now that I am aware of what it is. Thank you Patricia for helping me come up with a plan of how I can go about realizing my potential to shine for this upcoming year! Everyone should take the opportunity to experience this Solar Return Birth Day Reading.

Sonia ~Wisdom Circle Member

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