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Initial Birth Chart Reading

CAD 189

1.5 hours


This Reading will guide you to greater Self-Understanding and will show you the way to your soul path essence.​

 It reveals

✨your gifts, talents and how to unblock your challenges

✨why you are the way you are and how to live your unapologetic true self

✨how you can express yourself in your highest Potential so that you can start to manifest your dreams

✨Your current 2.5 year Progressed Moon cycle. What you are currently learning on an emotional level.

✨Your personal Moon phase

✨We will look into your karma and dharma and how you can step into your greatest soul path expression! Gifts you have brought from past lives and what you need to grow into. What you need to release and what essence you need to embody so that you can step into your soul purpose.

Understanding this will start you on a journey within and towards your highest, wisest, and most authentic self.

If you like to go deeper after this session then you can book a follow up session to discuss anything that is currently important to you. 

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